Exercices d'anglais du 17/03/08

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Exercices d'anglais du 17/03/08

Message  W.Boy le Dim 16 Mar - 17:38

Voilà ce que j'ai fais, j'espère que ça aidera !

1. Match each name with an identity.

a. Jane Eyre : the heroine
b. Mrs Reed : the aunt
c. John Reed : Mrs Reed’s 14-year-old son
d. Goldsmith : a historian
e. Nero : a Roman emperor
f. Caligula : a Roman emperor
g. Eliza : the nurse
h. Georgiana : the nurse
i. Abbot : a maid
j. Bessie : a cousin

2. Where does the scene take place ?

The scene takes place in England, in the mid-19th century. In Mrs Reed’s house, in a room where there are books or perhaps in the Reed’s library (bibliothéque)

3. Justify the title of this passage.

The title of this passage is untitled “Rebellion” because Jane Eyre is a well-behaved who is no used to express our ideas, etc… In the end of this extract, she rebels against John, Bessie, Abbot and her aunt. Lines 38 ad 39 : “I resisted all the way. This was a new thing for me”.

4. How does John react when Jane shows him the book she was reading ? why ?

John lectures Jane because for him, it’s a privilege to be with gentlemen’s children like us and she hasn’t the right to do everything she wants because of this.

5. Why does John tell Jane to “stand by the door, out of the way of the mirror and the windows” ?


6. True or false : Jane’s head bled because the book had hit her violently ?

Yes and no, because it’s not the book which had hit her violently, In fact, it’s John who had hit her violently with the book.

“ I did so, not at first aware of his intention” line 14
“the volume was flung, hit, and I fell…” line 15

7. Explain the sentence : “my terror had passed its climax; other feelings succeeded”

It means that in a moment, her terror was as stronger as it’s possible and then, it was less stronger than before, she changed of feelings. Feelings like anger or pain.

8. Why does Jane compare John Reed to a Roman emperor ?

She compare John to a Roman emperor because certain emperors, like Nero, were very harsh and violent in our behaviours, and she had just read History of Rome, it’s why she refers to this book.

La suite pour Mardi arrivera peut-être ce soir !

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