Exercices d'anglais du 18/03/08

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Exercices d'anglais du 18/03/08

Message  W.Boy le Dim 16 Mar - 21:57

Encore ce que j'ai fait... j'ai sans doute fait des fautes et il est impossible que j'me sois trompé à certaines questions !

9. True or false ?

a. Jane called for help : “I instinctively started aside with a cry of alarm“ lines 14&15
b. John attacked Jane : “I felt him grasp my hair and my shoulder but he had attacked a desperate thing” lines 24&25
c. Jane wasn’t so miserable that she did not react : “this sensation predominated over fear, and I fought frantically” lines 26&27

10. What feelings does Jane experience during the fight ?

During the fight she does experience of feelings like pain, terror, anger and then, probably a feeling of pleasure, the pleasure to hit John and she felt resolved.

11. How do Mrs Reed and the servants react ?

Actually, Eliza and Georgiana wanted no responsibilities in this story, thus, they had run for Mrs.Reed. The aunt was very harsh because she commanded to lock Jane in a room.

12. Who does Jane compare herself to ?

She compares herself to a rebel slave : “like any other rebel slave, I felt resolved, in my desperation” lines 44&45

13. Quote the sentence showing that Jane is determined to resist whatever the consequences.

This sentence is : “I was conscious that this moment’s mutiny would bring punishment” lines 41,42 and 43. She is conscious of the consequences and it proves she is determinated to resist whatever the consequences.

14. How do the servants consider Jane ? why ?

The servants entertained a bad opinion of Jane, perhaps because she is like a interloper at Reed’s house, moreover, she resists to them all the way.

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